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Mickey and his wives in the swinging 70s.

Mickey and his wives in the swinging 70s.

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"This is Hormel" is a short in the grand tradition of "David and Hazel" and "Setting Up A Room," where you look at the time remaining on your media player and think “Clearly that has to be a mistake.” But no! It’s a half hour long Hormel infomercial masquerading as an educational short that must be seen to be believed!

Hormel makes meat and meat-adjacent meatproducts, from meat. Sorry to meatsplain.

RiffTrax will be live tweeting the Oscars tomorrow night!


My researchers just confirmed that literally nobody on Twitter, not a single soul, is planning to comment on the Oscars live tomorrow night.  Well sir, we at RiffTrax have been known to blurt out a few things here and there vis-à-vis popular culture, so we’d thought we’d step up and fill that vast, tumbleweed-strewn social media gap. 

Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and myself will be discussing the goings-on at the 86th Academy Awards tomorrow night, via Twitter, under “hashed-tagg” #RifftraxOscars. We’ll be joined by RiffTrax writers Conor Lastowka and Sean Thomason… and YOU, we hope.  Come hear us chat and joke and spew nonsense at Oscar nominees TAKEN 3: EVEN MORE TAKENER; MATTER-EATER-LAD BEGINS; and CAPTAIN WILSON PHILLIPS. 

We’ll also be giving away some free RiffTraxeses to people who play with us, using the aforementioned #RiffTraxOscars tag.  Plus we’ll have a sweet little sale of RiffTrax titles that have won the little gold naked man (…or that have won an Oscar, if there are none in that former, admittedly weird and random, category).

This is all being thrown together very quickly based on a fever dream I had last night, and my distinguished colleagues are humoring me!  Please show them that it will be fun so we can do it even bigger and better next year, maybe with video and snacks and plenty of little gold naked men.  



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Here’s another bonus skit from our Wizard of Oz sessions! Check out the whole Riff right here.

Dorothy’s farewell to Tinman, Scarecrow, and the Lion is truly a heartfelt cinematic moment. But two of the people she’s saying goodbye to don’t like what they hear…

Also available on our Soundcloud page!

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Our Oz riffing could not be contained to just one RiffTrax! Here’s the next bonus skit we recorded during our Wizard of Oz session.

With the witches eliminated, the path was clear for a new crime syndicate to take control of organized crime in Oz. There’s only one thing standing in their way…

Also available on our Soundcloud page.

Me, Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, Virginia Corbett and Bridget Nelson ARE Munchkins!

ROBOT X:  Bouncing on Your Decapitated Head, Since 1961


I Am Robot X by Jack Kirby And Dick Ayers
From Amazing Adventures #004 (1961)
ROBOT X: Bouncing on Your Decapitated Head, Since 1961


I Am Robot X by Jack Kirby And Dick Ayers

From Amazing Adventures #004 (1961)

RiffTrax Takes On a Classic!

Here it is!  The ACTUAL Super-Classic and Super-Famous movie we’re riffing.

One of the most beloved movies of all time is about to get the RiffTrax treatment. Our MP3 riff on the super-famous 1939 classic THE WIZARD OF OZ arrives Friday, January 17th!  That’s less than a week from today.

Since this will be an MP3 Commentary, we’re giving you some advance notice so you can get the movie (like from Amazon:

We love this movie and will be approaching it like we did our riff of CASABLANCA: as a dear old friend we’re spending time with to share a few laughs. THE WIZARD OF OZ will be no worse for the wear.  We’ll put in back where we found it!  


Finally, this movie is also NOT…

…the Super-Classic and Super-Famous movie that RiffTrax will be announcing ANY MOMENT NOW.

We all know that unlike the original K-9 movie and its first sequel K-911 — which were despicable garbage — the SECOND sequel K-9: P.I. is a modern cinematic masterpiece beloved by all.  So many of you were guessing that K-9: P.I. would be the amazingly well-known and critically acclaimed film that we’ll be riffing soon that I thought I’d better set the record straight. 

However: the film we’re announcing will be almost as famous, classic, for the ages, etc. This I guarantee!  I swear it on the honor of K-9: P.I.!

Also NOT the Super-Classic and Super-Famous movie…

…that RiffTrax will be announcing soon, though plenty of you nice folks probably assumed so. NOPE, EVEN FAMOUS-ER THAN THIS.

Shockingly, this is ALSO not…

…the Super-Classic and Super Famous movie that RiffTrax will be taking on soon. (Very soon.)  (HOW soon?)  (VERY.)

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