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Bill Corbett does not want to sit in the backstage sex bean bag at Turner Hall. (at Turner Hall)

You could SEE the bacteria


Bill Corbett does not want to sit in the backstage sex bean bag at Turner Hall. (at Turner Hall)

You could SEE the bacteria


Next week, two of my worlds collide when The Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast crosses over with MPR’s WITS radio show.

WITS is a delightful program hosted by the most splendid John Moe, and upon which I have guested many many many times. You can catch it on the honest-to-God radio, or you can catch up with it via podcast here.

Beyond Belief is a segment of the live, staged fake-radio show The Thrilling Adventure Hour. Each segment of TAH is podcast individually. The Beyond Belief segment— starring myself and Paget Brewster as Frank and Sadie Doyle— concerns a pair of boozy paranormal investigators who are married to each other and to booze. It’s The Thin Man with ghosts. And more booze.


Frank & Sadie Doyle, along with musical guests Rhett Miller and "Weird Al" Yankovic, will be visiting WITS on Friday, October 24th.

If you want to catch up on the adventures of Frank & Sadie Doyle. here are all of their adventures for your listening pleasure. They’re all about 20 minutes or so, with the occasional super-sized special episode along the way. I personally recommend all of them.

Beyond Belief Episode Guide

Beyond Belief poster: Tom Fowler


PLEASE let the humans of Wisconsin know that Bill Corbett and Kevin Murphy and I are returning to them with NEW comedy shows. 

SUNDAY at the Barrymore in Madison. TICKETS 

and then MONDAY at Turner Hall Ballroom in MKE. TICKETS

That is all. 

Joining friend and beloved comedian / author / authoritarian John Hodgman onstage for two nights only — tomorrow and Monday — in the cheese-hero state of Wisconsin.  Details in John’s details!

Superheroes + Christmas = FUN


My new comic book SUPER-POWERED REVENGE CHRISTMAS wants you to read it!  Available in all sorts of newfangled ways HERE:


People have really been enjoying it, and I am very grateful (and relieved). 

You are a people, you may enjoy it too! 


The more I see of Len Peralta's artwork, the luckier I feel that he did Super-Powered Revenge Christmas with me.


Ugh, Frankenstein’s monster is in Pon Farr.

Ugh, Frankenstein’s monster is in Pon Farr.



I figured out what the new Rifftrax is going to be, thanks to the tweet at the top from @clastowka. I’m not going to blab about what it is, but these gifs are all from that film. It is a-mazing. It’s the kind of ooky, unsettling combination of scary madness and skin-chewing tedium rarely seen outside of films about Scarlett Johansson driving around in a white van collecting Scottish pelts. And about half the film is footage of a public event so boring, so ineptly shot and edited that the only thing you can imagine possibly justifying its preservation on film is that it’s an important piece of evidence in some horrible unsolved crime. 

This movie makes me happier than almost any other that exists.

The Ice Cream Bunny watched this movie and shook his head in disbelief. “Who the hell made this and why?!” he hurr-hurr-hurrrred.



I saw John Hodgman at The Bottletree Cafe in Birmingham Sunday night. His performance was hypnotic and funny, and slightly subversive. And not a cocky, “Man, this art project is gonna CHANGE things” subversive. But he did manage to produce a charge that left me lighter, more alive.

Hodgman began…

This Rob Franks really gets it. Thank you for honoring me with your thoughts. 

I’ll be taking this material (and even newer material) to Philadelphia, Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago, Akron, and Pittsburgh later this month. 

Just go to if you’d like to attend a me viewing. I’ll be hanging out after all performances, and I’ll be joined by the great Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett in WISCONSIN ONLY. 

That is all. 

We will be joining Mr. John Hodgman in Madison and Milwaukee next week.  See the Hodgschedule for details!


Jamie Wyeth - self portrait/pumpkinhead, 1972

Looks like my high school guidance counselor, only a tad less creepy.


Jamie Wyeth - self portrait/pumpkinhead, 1972

Looks like my high school guidance counselor, only a tad less creepy.

Reddit AMA chat next month

If you’re someone who plans, like, ridiculously far in advance, know that I’m doing a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” Q & A one month from today, Thursday 11/13 3:00 pm ET! I will talk about my new comic book SUPER-POWERED REVENGE CHRISTMAS, RiffTrax, MST3K, and Anything!

Link to Reddit AMA and calendar (hurry, you only have one tiny month to get ready for me!):

It’s true, SUPER-POWERED REVENGE CHRISTMAS started as a stage play in December 2010, written and directed by me, produced by and starring Mr. Joseph Scrimshaw.  Our set had design by DC Comics artist Chris Jones. It was done in the quick-changing story theater mode. A review from the City Pages:

In a nameless bar on Christmas Eve, the future of mankind will be decided.

Okay, it’s more the future of a nutty comic-book writer, his long-suffering artist, and a trio of lonely sad sacks, but it still makes for a fresh holiday-season delight from playwright Bill Corbett (of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and Rifftrax fame) and Joking Envelope. Super-Powered Revenge Christmas #1 posits a world without Christmas—and with the blood-red avenger from the planet Yoooool.

Writer Desmond (Joseph Scrimshaw) has an idea that will shake the comic-book—er, graphic-novel—world to its core and help to restart his own fledgling career: a reboot of the holiday season, in which Santa Claus becomes the brooding Red Avenger, a not-at-all-jolly elf with rippling abs, a rocket-powered sled, and a “ho ho ho” meant to frighten the thugs he battles.

Throwing tradition   out the window:   (from left)  Mo Perry, Joseph Scrimshaw, Emily Gunyou   Halaas
Photo: Craig Van Der Schaegen
Trying to talk some sense into Desmond is his artist partner Libby (Emily Gunyou Halaas), who thinks he may have gone just a bit too far in his attempt to “retcon” the holiday. Their judges? Bartender Carl (John Middleton), lonely Francine (Mo Perry), and antisocial Grub (Matt Erkel).


While the “real” world provides an anchor for the story, it’s the comic-book creation that really takes off. It’s not just the delight in seeing familiar creations recast as muscle-bound, barely clad superheroes. There’s a lot of pulpy fun in the comic-book story itself: Who doesn’t love a small band of heroes fighting insurmountable odds against legions of robotic death machines?

That makes Super-Powered Revenge Christmas #1’s final “battle”—in the bar, about how to truly end the story—all the more touching and insightful. Sure, it’s all silly, but you want an honest, earned end to the silliness rather than the cynical one Desmond thinks will sell out on day one.

I’ll always be indebted to the amazing cast: Joseph, Emily Gunyou Halaas, John Middleton, Mo Perry, and Matt Erkel.  They threw themselves into this joint with such gusto I wanted to find another way of telling this story.

At one performance we got a visit from some aspiring young writer named Neil Gaiman, who gave me excellent storytelling notes for such a n00b.

Among those notes: shorten the title, jeez. (Paraphrasing. Mr. G sounded more sophisticated / mellifluous.) (I did shorten it. A little.)




I am thrilled to announce that my comic book SUPER-POWERED REVENGE CHRISTMAS is now available!

Written by me and illustrated by the awesome Len Peralta, SUPER-POWERED REVENGE CHRISTMAS features the icons of pop-culture Christmas doing battle as superheroes and supervillains. It is mostly a…

I’m super excited about this comic book! Bill originally wrote it as a live theater piece. My comedy company produced the show and I played the frustrated writer character…who still looks a little like me in the comic book. I am thrilled by this.


Anyway, Bill and Len knocked it out of the park and I think you should buy one million copies of this book! 

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